Duncan Avenue Commons


The Duncan Avenue Task Force is a DCBIA led initiative championing the establishment of a “Pedestrian Plaza” along a short segment of Duncan Avenue between 5th and 6th Street. The Task Force includes DCBIA directors and downtown businesses, organizations, professionals and event animators.

This Plaza would provide a year round venue for events, concerts, community performances, markets or fairs, and could include children’s play equipment, picnic tables, civic art, street furnishings, greenery and landscaping, and covered areas. It would be a home for community and celebration in Downtown Courtenay.


Why Do This?

Pedestrian Plazas make a huge contribution to attracting and retaining visitors, shoppers, events, markets and activities to urban areas. This in turn contributes to economic development and enhancement of our downtown core and encourages business retention and attraction. They also create an environment that supports community connecting and socializing for all ages, and between generations. Cities around the world develop these spaces in the heart of their downtowns and we want to do the same.

The Next Step

We are in the process of connecting with businesses, organizations and professionals to seek input on:

  • Infrastructure Plan: How should this Plaza be developed? What could the design look like? How do we create usable space for a variety of activities? What do we need to consider in terms of traffic flow and access? What will this cost? What funding is available to do this?
  • Programming Plan: Who is willing to participate in animating or programming the Plaza? What events and initiatives are we hoping to attract? How do we handle scheduling and promotion? What funds do we need? What do programming partners need in order to shift their activity to the new Plaza.


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We are looking for Ideas and Input

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