Join Dawn to Dawn, LUSH Valley and a number of other community organizations as they celebrate the hard work of the community in the Share the Harvest Community garden!
Located at 6th Street and Harmston Avenue in Downtown Courtenay, the community garden is now in its 3rd year and has seen significant developments this year. A five year lease agreement with the City allows for more activities and longer-range planning for the garden to occur.
If you have not yet visited the garden, this will be a perfect opportunity to take a tour, meet others who share a passion for the garden, and to take part in the age old community tradition of sharing food. Participants are invited to bring a dish to share. Plates, cutlery, tables and chairs will be provided.
The potluck will occur at 3pm and is part of the Go Smart Day festivities which occur in Downtown Courtenay from noon to 4pm.