Imagine Comox Valley is a registered not-for-profit organisation comprised of a group of Comox Valley individuals who have taken on the mission to achieve the legislative and regulatory changes required to ensure a sustainable future for the Comox Valley.

Although we have no objections to our identities being known, we believe that we are most often facilitators helping a variety of groups or individuals do work that we all consider worthwhile. To name all of the people that make Imagine Comox Valley what it is would therefore require us to name the hundreds of Comox Valley locals that make up our community - and they already know who they, and we, are. 

The Directors of Imagine Comox Valley

The purpose/mission of the society is to achieve the legislative & regulatory changes required to ensure a sustainable future for the Comox Valley.

“Sustainable” is based on the three pillars concept and we treat each of these as equals. 

The pillars are:




We achieve this mission by working with our members to facilitate positive economic, social and environmental change by specifically supporting the following efforts to:

  • Provide high wage local employment via innovation in a carbon neutral way;
  • Ensuring the Comox Valley resumes its proud and historic role as a net wealth contributor to British Columbia & Canada;
  • To attract investment required to transform our local economy;
  • Ensure we purchase and protect our Parks, Greenway and water networks valley-wide;
  • Improve Capital planning in the Comox Valley to ensure it can afford its infrastructure today and tomorrow;
  • Support the Island Corridor Foundation in enhancing rail service to the Comox Valley;
  • Support public awareness of local governance issues and development process via education with our members;
  • Work with our Members to create better legislation in the Comox Valley.