Dawn Tisdale – Tedx Comox Valley 2015

We told you there would be one more right? Meet Dawn Tisdale!



Dawn Tisdale is a third year student obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at North Island College. Dawn grew up in Montreal, moved to the island in 2000, and became a community support worker for adults with disabilities. Wanting to further explore her career in health care, she decided to go back to school to become an RN. Since entering the BSN program, Dawn has become extremely passionate about nursing - aboriginal health, in particular. What fuels her fire is social justice and advocacy for health promotion.


Dawn was recently elected president of the Canadian Nursing Student Association, representing 28,000 nursing students across Canada.

2014 Go Smart Day Volunteer information

Go Smart Day is a grass roots festival organized by Image Comox Valley. It’s purpose is to build a stronger community by developing and supporting more efficient use of its resources. Specifically, the Festival encourages the community to explore alternative modes of transportation and use of public space. Generally, Go Smart Day supports healthier lifestyles in other areas such as housing, economic development, food production and supply, and healthcare.

Go Smart Day is not Anti-car. Go Smart Day is about enabling healthier alternatives.

Intersection Volunteers:

  • Please greet driver’s with courtesy and openness.
  • Offer directions if necessary.
  • If a driver insists on crossing the route and there is no danger (no one using the route), help facilitate the crossing.
  • If a driver insists on crossing the route or driving on the route and there is a danger, please take a license plate number and vehicle/driver description and contact the Police - 250-338-1321.
  • If there is an emergency (someone is seriously injure, or someone is extremely aggressive), call 911.

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator - David Frisch – 250-338-3638

RCMP - 250-338-1321


 2014 Go Smart Day  Traffic Management Plan  by David Frisch
Intersection 11:45-2:00 1:45-4:00
5th & Cliffe Pat Pat
4th & Duncan Sue Moen Keith
4th & England Joy Magnusson  
4th & Fitzgerald Stan Kera
  Marguerite Ian
5th & Harmston   Michael Linton
6th & Harmston Sheila McDonell  
6th & Grant Chantal  
6th & Fitzgerald Zak?  
6th & England Terry  
6th & Duncan Renee Kevin
  Kathleen Joanna


2014 Go Smart Day – Sunday, June 22


Sunday, June 22 is the date for the Valley’s “Go Smart Day”, a street festival that provides opportunities for people to literally play in the streets. Segments of select streets are closed to vehicular traffic from noon to 4pm so that other ‘people uses’ may take place in the streets of downtown Courtenay. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to view the poster.)

Imagine Comox Valley is hosting the event in partnership with a number of community partners and invites all citizens of all ages to enjoy a fresh perspective in Downtown Courtenay! Experience something new by participating in the Road Runner’s Fun Run or the open criterium, by helping your kids decorate their bikes, creating street art, listening to live music, enjoying a street café meal or a Community Garden potluck, or riding the One Thirty Three/Jump Camp skate park.

The event will be held on 4th, 5th and 6th Streets as well as the cross streets of Duncan Avenue, England Avenue and the portion of Fitzgerald Avenue between 4th and 6th street. See map inset. Portions of the route will provide opportunities for the races, shown as ‘fast zone’ on the map.


Such festivals are organized all over the world as a way to bring communities together in the roads and streets of our cities, towns and villages. The absence of traffic can make the streets a pleasant place to congregate, as they are quieter and there is less air pollution than on a typical day. The recently held popular Elevate the Arts festival in downtown Courtenay showed just how lively and enjoyable our streets can be!

An event like Go Smart Day requires community support and engagement, and the organisers welcome feedback and ideas. If you want to be a part of the event, you can get involved by signing up to be a sponsor, vendor or volunteer, entertainment or activity provider all of which can be done by sending an e-mail to imaginecomoxvalley@gmail.com.

Connect online:

Many thanks to our sponsors

ICV-GoSmartDay2014Sponsors_bayviewlarge - CopyICV-GoSmartDay2014Sponsors-TheEaglelarge







Announcing the 2014 CVAG Youth Media Project!

Youth Media Project – Call for Applications

YouthMediaProject2014 poster


Youth Media Project is a program for community action through media involving 9 participants between the ages of 16 – 30. For 12 weeks youth work as a team to create videos expressing their visions for change in the Comox Valley, and are connected with job placements in the Valley. The project welcomes all youth, including immigrant youth, Aboriginal youth, street-involved youth and others who face barriers to employment.


  • Interested in art & video
  • Between the ages of 16 and 30
  • Not attending school full-time
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not on EI
  • Experiencing barriers to employment


  • Full-time minimum wage employment (9 weeks in-class + 3 weeks job placement)
  • Experience in video production, graphic design & web development
  • Consultations in career development

Apply Now – Applications accepted up to February 28, 2014

Info Session: Thursday, February 27 @ 5:30pm @ Comox Valley Art Gallery (snacks provided)

Application Submission:

  1. A letter of application describing your reasons for applying, your work and school experience and how this
  2. project is important to your future
  3. Suggested: support material such as a resume, art work (photographs, writing, videos, etc.)

Email your application to: director@comoxvalleyartgallery.com

Or drop off your application to: COMOX VALLEY ART GALLERY, 580 Duncan Ave., Courtenay, BC, V9N 2M7

Questions? Call 250-338-6211. Space is limited – apply today

PROGRAM BEGINS: March 10, 2014 – This is a full-time 12-week program, Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada & BC Creative Communities

Partners: Wachiay Friendship Centre, Creative Employment Access Society, Imagine Comox Valley, Lake Trail Neighbourhood Connections.

Media Release – TEDx Comox Valley: Revealing Hidden Local Talents

On Thursday, May 23rd Imagine Comox Valley once again organised and presented a TEDx event.

(TEDx = an independently organised TED event.)

You can view some images from the event here, or alternatively you can visit the event page on Facebook.com and see some comments and feedback there. Thanks to the steady hand and skilled eye of Blue Bamboo Productions you can also view a video clip of each of the talks in this Youtube Playlist. Or you can view them below…


The organisers wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to Michael Fountain and Dan Peruzzo of Blue Bamboo Productions, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for videography services.