Got a vision in your head that needs to get out? Champion an ICV Project

Imagine Comox Valley relies on the creative contributions of “Project Champions” who imagine an idea, animate it, and implement it!

Project Champions can be individuals, groups, or organizations. Some are directors of the non-profit and others are community partners, allies, and friends who step up and get behind a single project or initiative.

We at Imagine Comox Valley look forward to hearing from you about your idea! Please complete the form below as best you can:


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  • And now, your project!

    Tell us about your project idea! Details are good. Keep in mind that by sharing or suggesting this project we'd be counting on YOUR INVOLVEMENT (or the group you represent) to make it a reality.
  • A working title is fine, it doesn't need to be fully formed at this point.
  • Please include how your project will work in line with the goals of Imagine Comox Valley.
  • (Production/Materials/Technical Resources)
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